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Recruitment Campaign


September 2, 2023


San Rafael Police Dep.


Recruitment Videos + More

San Rafael Police Dep.

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The goal of this project was twofold: firstly, to create a series of recruitment videos that feature individuals from different departments within the police station, telling their personal stories and the impact of their roles. Secondly, to inspire potential recruits by showcasing the community impact and career opportunities available at the San Rafael Police Department.


Lock Stone Media embarked on a collaborative planning phase with the San Rafael Police Department to meticulously outline the content and approach for each of the eight videos. We conducted in-depth interviews with selected personnel across various departments, capturing authentic stories and insights that reflect the spirit and dedication inherent in the police force.

With the narrative framework and interview subjects established, our team simultaneously filmed the main videos and additional social media cuts, ensuring a comprehensive content strategy that could be effectively deployed across multiple platforms. This methodical approach not only maximized our shooting schedule but also maintained a cohesive narrative across all videos.


The project concluded with the successful creation and delivery of eight inspiring recruitment videos, along with tailored social media cuts for enhanced online engagement. The videos have been instrumental in attracting new recruits by highlighting the personal growth and community involvement that a career with the San Rafael Police Department offers.


7 x Recruitment Videos

1 x Brand Video

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