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Based in Petaluma, California, Lock Stone Media is a full-service video production company founded by Barry Bierman. With a passion for crafting compelling visual stories, Barry has worked for award-winning video production companies and ad agencies, including Barbershop Films and the Phoenix Group.


As a self-taught filmmaker with over 5 years of experience, Barry has honed his craft through various online courses and real-world experience. His most recent achievement was relocating from Saskatchewan, Canada to Petaluma, California to start Lock Stone Media. Although a budding company, Lock Stone Media is committed to partnering with clients and going beyond simply producing the highest quality content. Instead, they aim to drive trackable ROI through video campaigns and strategies.


What sets Lock Stone Media apart from competitors is its commitment to building long-term relationships with clients. Being a small and growing company, they are more invested in their client's success and strive to provide personalized services that cater to their client's unique needs.


Looking towards the future, Barry has big plans for Lock Stone Media. He hopes to continue growing the company while maintaining their personalized approach to video production. With a track record of success in the industry, Lock Stone Media is poised to become a leader in the world of video production.

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