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Barry Bierman - Founder of Lock Stone Media

Hello and welcome to Lock Stone Media. Since kicking off in 2021, we’ve been on a mission to create video content that doesn’t just look great but truly performs for businesses and brands. We believe in making connections, driving results, and telling stories that matter.

Our approach? We specialize in videos that work hard across all your channels. With our strategy of batch shooting, we ensure every piece of content is not only high quality but also seamlessly integrates into your broader marketing strategy, maintaining consistency and coherence wherever your audience finds you.

One of our own, Barry, has a particular talent for storytelling that's recognized beyond just our circle—he landed an Emmy nomination for his outstanding work with American Dream TV. It’s this level of dedication and excellence we aim to bring to every project at Lock Stone Media.

We see ourselves as more than just a video production company; we're your partners in bringing your vision to life. We’re passionate about crafting stories that engage, resonate, and leave a lasting impression.

Step into our world at Lock Stone Media, where we blend vision with creativity to make not just videos, but stories that stand out and speak to people. We’re excited to share this journey with you.

Our STory

“I’ve collaborated with Lock Stone Media on multiple projects. Barry is a great team player and a fantastic filmmaker. He’s a guy you can trust and makes any project he’s a part of better.” 

- Nick Colombini, Gumview Creative
“Barry is the best in the business. His professionalism, organization, quality of work, and dedication to his clients is second to none. I cannot recommend Barry and his team enough. You will be in good hands choosing Lock Stone Media! 10/10”

- Will Allison, Visibil Solutions
“Barry and his team have done an incredible job creating content for my private lounge. After our initial consult, they really took the ball and ran with it. The communication has been fantastic, the equipment is top-notch and the content they are editing and putting out is far better than I originally hoped for! Whether it’s video, photography or drone, they do it all and do it with excellence. I look forward to working with them a lot more in the future.” 

- Josh Diaz, Side Street Napa 
  • At Lock Stone Media, our mission is to empower businesses and brands to capture their audience's attention and drive impactful results through versatile and dynamic video content. We believe in creating stories that not only resonate across all channels but also deliver measurable success..

  • Every project starts by diving into your goals and audience, ensuring our creative direction aligns with your vision. We then move to the drawing board, combining storytelling with the latest technology to craft content that speaks to your audience and embodies your brand's essence.

    We don’t just deliver content; we ensure it makes an impact, strategizing on deployment for maximum reach and engagement. After delivery, we assess performance to refine our approach, constantly evolving to better serve your needs and exceed expectations.

    • Creativity in Every Frame: We push the boundaries of storytelling to deliver fresh and engaging content.

    • Quality and Versatility: Our content is designed to shine, no matter where it’s viewed.

    • Efficiency and Innovation: Through batch shooting and strategic planning, we maximize productivity without sacrificing quality.

    • Collaboration: We partner closely with our clients to bring their vision to life.

    • Impact: We strive to make a difference in every project, aiming for content that leaves a lasting impression.

Behind the Scenes of Lock Stone Media on set
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