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MBF Agency Material


November 2, 2023


Moving Bottling Forward


Brand Message Video + More

Moving Bottling Forward

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The goal of this project was twofold: firstly, to capture specific shots for MBF’s advertising agency, including both group settings and detailed close-ups of machinery. Secondly, to craft a compelling brand message video that encapsulates MBF's industry leadership and innovative approach in the assembly line sector.


To ensure the success of both project components, Lock Stone Media initiated a collaborative planning phase with MBF. We worked together to define the specific shots required by their advertising agency, ranging from group settings to detailed close-ups of machinery. Concurrently, our creative team developed a tailored script that encapsulated MBF’s dedication to innovation and quality, setting the foundation for the brand message video.

With a detailed script and shot list in hand, we efficiently scheduled the filming of the agency clips and the brand video to occur simultaneously. This approach not only streamlined the production process but also ensured thematic consistency across all visual materials. 


The video and photo shoot for MBF was highly successful, yielding not only the targeted agency clips and brand message video but also a comprehensive collection of high-quality photographs. In addition to the planned content, Lock Stone Media provided an added value service by capturing professional headshots of MBF's team members, delivered at no extra charge. This gesture further solidified our commitment to exceeding client expectations and enhancing their branding efforts.

The agency clips and brand video were seamlessly integrated into MBF's marketing campaigns, elevating their visual narrative and reinforcing their position as leaders in assembly line innovation. The additional photographs and headshots have been instrumental in enriching MBF's corporate image and marketing materials, receiving positive feedback for their quality and the professional light in which they portrayed the company.


  • Agency Clips

  • Drone Clips

  • Specific Agency Photos

  • Brand Message Video

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