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June 5, 2023


La Sportiva


Spec Commercial

La Sportiva

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The project aimed to showcase Lock Stone Media’s creative storytelling and filmmaking capabilities while highlighting the unique features of La Sportiva climbing shoes. The goal was to produce a humorous and engaging commercial that captured the agility and versatility of La Sportiva’s products in an everyday, relatable scenario.


The creative concept centered around a lighthearted narrative—a woman using her La Sportiva climbing shoes to scale her kitchen furniture to retrieve a water bottle from atop her fridge. This whimsical portrayal was designed to illustrate the shoes' grip and comfort, even in the most unconventional climbing situations.

With a script that added a comedic twist to climbing, we assembled a small, agile team for the shoot, relying on family and friends to bring the scenario to life without the need for professional actors. The filming took place in a domestic setting, which added an element of authenticity and relatability to the story.

Using dynamic camera angles and close-up shots, we highlighted the shoes’ features and the climber’s interactions with her environment, adding a playful yet impressive demonstration of the product's capabilities.


The finished spec commercial was well-received, effectively blending humor with product demonstration. It provided a fresh take on adventure gear advertising by bringing the outdoors inside and showcasing the technical excellence of La Sportiva’s climbing shoes in a fun, imaginative way.

This project not only enhanced Lock Stone Media’s portfolio but also demonstrated our versatility in adapting serious sports equipment for lighter, more accessible consumer engagement. It has been a key piece in our discussions with potential clients, showcasing our ability to think outside the box and produce content that stands out in the adventure sports market.


1 x Spec Ad

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