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September 28, 2023




Spec Commercial


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The aim of this project was to demonstrate Lock Stone Media’s filmmaking prowess and highlight our passion for outdoor and adventure-themed content. We set out to create a dynamic commercial for Giant Bicycles that would not only showcase the thrilling experience of mountain biking but also reflect our capabilities and creative vision in producing compelling action-packed videos.


This initiative began with our team developing a script and concept that would capture the essence of mountain biking—emphasizing freedom, adventure, and the rugged beauty of the outdoors. Utilizing our own resources, including the voluntary participation of family and friends, we planned and executed a high-energy mountain biking shoot.

The location was carefully chosen to provide the perfect backdrop, showcasing scenic trails and challenging terrain that highlighted the performance and durability of Giant bicycles. Throughout the shoot, we employed advanced filming techniques, including aerial drone footage and action cameras, to create an immersive viewing experience.


The completed spec commercial was a vibrant and exhilarating portrayal of mountain biking, successfully aligning with Giant Bicycles' brand identity and appealing to the adventure-seeking spirit of their audience. This project not only served as a testament to Lock Stone Media’s creative and technical expertise but also positioned us as a formidable force in outdoor sports advertising.

The video has been used as a key piece of our portfolio, demonstrating to potential clients our ability to craft visually stunning and emotionally engaging content that resonates with viewers and elevates brand narratives.


1 x Spec Commercial

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