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March 1, 2024




Brand Message Video + More


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The primary goal of this project was to create a brand video for Cogir’s retirement community in Seattle that showcases the exceptional amenities and vibrant community atmosphere without adopting a traditional sales approach. Instead, the focus was on telling the heartfelt stories of the residents through personal interviews, capturing the true essence of living at Cogir.


Lock Stone Media began the project by collaborating closely with Cogir’s management to understand the community’s ethos and the residents’ lifestyles. This collaborative phase was crucial in identifying key stories and residents whose experiences exemplify the spirit of Cogir.

With this insight, our team crafted a narrative that highlighted these personal stories, using interviews as the medium to convey authenticity and emotional connection. The filming was conducted with sensitivity and respect, ensuring the residents felt comfortable and valued throughout the process.

In addition to the main brand video, we also produced a custom website banner and a logo animation to enhance Cogir’s online presence, ensuring a consistent and polished brand image across all platforms.


The final brand video successfully captured the unique atmosphere of Cogir’s retirement community, presenting a warm and inviting view of the residents' daily lives and interactions without feeling commercial. The video, along with the website banner and logo animation, has been extremely well received, both by Cogir and the broader community, appreciating the genuine portrayal and high production quality.

These deliverables have not only enriched Cogir’s marketing materials but also helped prospective residents and their families see the community's warmth and appeal, leading to increased interest and inquiries.


1 x Brand Video

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