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Barry works hard. He studies, he learns, he understands. That includes his art as a videographer, the science of effective marketing, and the background of your business. He is talented. He can see the shot before it's captured. He is driven. He doesn't rely on talent, instead using it as a base to create a one-of-a-kind skillset. He is awesome. Shooting with Barry rules. He's funny, well travelled, and a great communicator. I cannot recommend Barry highly enough

Barton Soroka

I recently used Barry to create a video tour of a property I was putting up for sale. We did multiple calls to discuss the focus and script of the video. On the day of the shoot Barry was ready to go, directed the whole video and was extremely professional. We did photos, a video and drone photography of the home. He had the video and photos ready to go in just two days. The video has been a hit and the sellers loved all of his photos and video. I highly recommend Barry!

I photographed an event this weekend, alongside Barry as he shot video. He is super friendly and personable. I know a good eye when I see one! He has the kind of personality that makes you feel like you’ve known them for years after just meeting them. Highly recommend this character for all of your video needs

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